The Fault in Their Destinies!

No! It is not the Fault In Their Stars…It is the fault of their destinies that have pulled them apart. It is the Fault of so many who have ripped them to the way it is today. The excitement, the hunger to stay together is not there anymore! Cuz they have gone to a point of no return. Deep inside, they have love and respect, but it is just that. Every conversation, every jiggle, every laugh, every moment, is gonna surpass in the years to come and they will realise that all these moments will eventually turn into painful memories, of the person, of that whole relationship…….Is there any thing more painful than this in the world? Why cannot the whole world just conspire to make things turn around and work them in their favor?

Can this pain be compared? Does it need to be compared? Or is it the pain that demands to be healed, like every other pain. There is a huge conflict here.

‘Pain demands to be felt’….A statement made by Augustus Waters in the famous English movie: The Fault in Our Stars. Augustus and eventually Hazel came to realize that they would have no choice to unite in the earth, and no miracle would happen considering the day-by-day deterioration of their health. But as and when we hear that Eulogy read out by Hazel, we come to comprehend that there is no force in the world which can keep them away from each other. If not the earth, they have the stars! Stars which will not only keep them together but make them shine brighter!



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