The fear of losing taking me over

Or have I lost already?

The battle I thought I would win, the battle I thought I would be hailed for my victory..

What is happening?

Am I losing it again?

Am I questioning myself again over it?

Why do I see my black clouds taking over my eyes..

Where are the rainbows and sunshine..?

No No!!! NO!!!

Why do I expect the best, when I know it is all the worst that will come

Where is the ray of hope I been clinging to for years…

Why are sleepless nights, wet pillows filled with tears o’ mine, coming back to me?

Why am I shedding a tear now, why, when I know I have done my part and should be leaving now..

Oh Time, let you come and finish me for once, instead of piercing every second…




The emptiness, I have been striving, to fill in

But failing in every attempt I try…miserably failing

people, things, companions failed

I see no hope, but unanswered questions revolving around me

Dawn to Dusk, nothing but thoughts

Travelling in random world of those thoughts

I gain nothing but increasing void.

A rollercoaster of emotions in that journey,

I feel no pain, but mental numbness

Numbness which I don't see disappearing in near future…

I dare not run away…

Because I am tired for that too..



My eyes burning, clogged of the smoke!

Ears exhausted of the huge missile sounds!

Broken bricks and people lay as I walk beside them!

See star like symbolled cloths coming to attack us!

And I do not see any more Hatikvah in thriving here

We heard, listened, tried and talked. But no vain

It is complicated!

Blame put on us on our retaliation

World sits still and watch the slaughter. Helpless!

Big daddy continues to give candies and toys!

But does not teach them humanitarian values!

Big daddy failed!

It is complicated!

We are on the move

Till we receive acceptance from few more….

But still complicated.

Palestine issues are beyond your imaginative capacity. Never make opinions or biased judgements about it without knowing the facts and figures.